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There are dozens of bills necessary to strengthen rent and eviction protections and to reverse the phaseout of affordable rental housing in New York City and suburban counties. Numerous deregulation amendments have been inserted into the rent laws in the last 25 years, with predictable results: the supply of affordable housing has shrunk dramatically, both regulated and market rents have soared, homelessness is at record levels, and the remaining rent-protected tenants have targets on their backs.

The Real Rent Reform Campaign, a coalition of more than 40 grassroots housing and tenant organizations, has identified the following three bills as priorities for the current legislative session. Enactment of these three bills is essential, before legislators leave Albany in June.
S3482/A433 This bill repeals Vacancy Deregulation, which allows landlords to take apartments out of rent regulation whenever they turn over and also restores rent stabilization protections to 98 percent of the unit…

Rent Law Lobby Day - Albany


Get your seat on the bus:

Why go to Albany? Because that is where the politicians are!

Why are we doing a lobby day?Rent Stabilization is supposed to limit rent increases and keep our homes affordable. But landlords in NYC and surroundings are taking advantage of two major loopholes in the law, preferential rent and the vacancy bonus, to exploit

266,279 NYC families live in a rent stabilized apartment with a preferential rent - a discount that can be taken away at lease renewal leading to a sudden increase of hundreds of dollars. The vacancy bonus gives landlords a 20% increase in rent each time an apartment turns over, incentivizing harassment of long term tenants.

These bills must be passed at the state level. The NYS Assembly has passed two of these bills and will pass the third easily. The NYS Senate however has yet to act.

What do we want?We want these bills to passed as part of the budget package this year. We are asking the full democrat…