Media on rent laws expiring Monday


State of Politics: Assembly Dems return to Albany Sunday for closed-door conference
NY Times' Big City: Cuomo’s game playing over housing laws 
MultiHop.TV: Rent Wars (30-minute video including June 3 Albany protest & arrests)

The Awl: Seven protestors arrested blocking entrance to Cuomo’s NYC office

NY Times editorial: Cuomo seeks to link bills on rent and school taxes

Capital New York: Senate Republicans drafting 421-a bill

Univision on the rent law fight

Gotham Gazette: Cuomo’s TPU an overlooked part of the debate over rent laws

New York Observer: Tenant group parodies Cuomo’s ties to scandal-tainted Glenwood

Capital New York: For some legislators the rent fight is personal

DNA Info: Asking rents in Manhattan at all-time high, other boros also see increases

New York Observer: Public Advocate to provide legal help to tenants if rent laws expire

Legislative Gazette: The clock is ticking on rent control

Bedford & Bowery: Coalition to target seven predatory landlords 

State of Politics: Business leaders oppose prevailing wage requirement for 421-a 

New York Observer: Andrew Cuomo dislikes the term “income inequality” 

Michael McKee
Tenants Political Action Committee