Gov. Cuomo warns landlords not to take advantage of lapse in rent laws - expiring Monday night


NY Daily News: Governor Warns Landlord Not to Take Advantage of City's Rent Laws Set to Expire Monday   [Persuade him to strengthen the law at a vigil TONIGHT, Sunday, June 14, 2015, at 6 PM at 633 Third Ave.]

Article excerpts:  

A letter, obtained by the Daily News, states that despite any temporary lapses, the new rent laws once approved will be retroactive to June 15 — so 'your legal obligations under existing leases and under the passage of the new rent stabilization program will not expire on that day.

. . . . 

Cuomo in a June 6 guest column in The News said he wants to see the rent law not only renewed but strengthened — something sought by Assembly Democrats. Among the changes he said he'd like to see is the ending of vacancy decontrol, which lets apartments out of rent regulation when the rent goes over $2,500 and a tenant moves out, and scrapping the 20% rent hike landlords are allowed to make every time a tenant leaves.

But with the Senate Republicans balking, Cuomo last week said he expects the current law might simply be extended as is and is trying to tie the issue to passage of an education investment tax credit designed to mainly benefit parochial and private schools and their donors.