Has your Assembly Member co-sponsored the bill to repeal vacancy deregulation & re-regulate many apartments?


Assembly bill1865-A (Linda Rosenthal, et al.) repeals Vacancy Deregulation and re-regulates 98 percent of the apartments that have been deregulated through Vacancy Deregulation in the last two decades.

To see which Assembly members have put their names on this bill as co-prime sponsors or multi-sponsors, go to www.assembly.state.ny.us/leg and type in A1865-A.

Since the amended bill was introduced March 12, four additional Assembly members have added their names to the bill as co-prime sponsors (this means that their names show up on the Assembly web site, but not on the print of the bill, as they became sponsors after A1865-A was printed):

Shelley Mayer                        90 AD, Yonkers
Tom Abinanti             92 AD, Tarrytown
Jo Anne Simon                      52 AD, Brooklyn
Latoya Joyner                        77 AD, Bronx

Please do what you can to recruit additional sponsors. See the list below, broken down by county/borough.



Peter Abbate                         49 AD
Charles Barron                      60 AD
Erik Dilan                               54 AD
Dov Hikind                             48 AD
Roxanne Persaud                 59 AD
Latrice Walker                       55 AD
Helene Weinstein                  41 AD


Carmen Arroyo                      84 AD
Michael Blake                        79 AD
Marcos Crespo                     85 AD
Mark Gjonaj                           80 AD


Jeffrion Aubry                        35 AD
Edward Braunstein               26 AD
Barbara Clark                        33 AD
Michael DenDekker              34 AD
Philip Goldfeder                    23 AD
Andrew Hevesi                      28 AD
Ron Kim                                 40 AD
Michael Miller                        38 AD
Francisco Moya                    39 AD
Catherine Nolan                    37 AD
Nily Rozic                               25 AD
Michael Simanowitz              27 AD
Aravella Simotas                   36 AD


Guillermo Linares                  72 AD
Daniel O’Donnell                   69 AD
Dan Quart                              73 AD
Robert Rodriguez                  68 AD
Rebecca Seawright              76 AD

Staten Island

Michael Cusick                      63 AD
Matthew Titone                      61 AD

Nassau County

Todd Kaminsky                     20 AD
Michaelle Solages                22 AD

Westchester County

David Buchwald                    93 AD
Steven Otis                            91 AD
Amy Paulin                             88 AD

All these Assembly members represent districts that include rent-regulated apartments. If you have influence with any of the legislators on this list, please ask that they add their names to the bill as co-prime sponsors. The more Assembly members who sponsor the bill, the more we can look to the Assembly leadership to make stronger rent protections a priority between now and June 15.

NOTE: Carl Heastie (83 AD, Bronx) was a sponsor of this bill earlier in the legislative session, but after he was elected Speaker he took his name off all bills including this one, in order not to influence his members. Speaker Heastie has stated that winning stronger rent protection laws is one of his major priorities for the end of session.

Please let me know of any results of your efforts to recruit additional sponsors. For some of these legislators, it is simply a matter of calling this bill to their attention and asking them to become sponsors.

Michael McKee
Tenants Political Action Committee