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May 14 Rally to Save #MillionHomes - 5 PM at Foley Square



RGB Rally - Wed., April 29, 2015 at 5 PM - Herald Square


Landlord increases have far exceeded inflation. Time for a
RALLY in HERALD SQUARE PARK (34th St. & Broadway, Manhattan) WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 2015,  5 PM before the RGB Preliminary Vote starts at 6 PM at the CUNY Grad Center @ 365 5th Ave.

Housing Panel with Public Advocate Tish James -Thursday, April 30, 9 AM at 1199



#SAVENYC - Thursday, May 14 at 5 PM - Foley Square



Geography of Rent Regulated Apartments in NYC


Tom Waters of the Community Service Society has analyzed where rent-regulated apartments are located in the five boroughs of New York City. Use it as we organize and mobilize tenants to pressure their state legislators to fight for stronger rent protections between now and the June 15 sunset of the rent laws.


There are nearly million rent regulated apartments in New York City, which offer important affordability protections for tenants. The current law governing rent regulation will expire in June 2015 and will be up for renewal by the New YorkState legislature in its new session, beginning this January. The question before legislators will be whether to strengthen the existing law by preserving existing units and protecting affordability; or whether to allow the ongoing process of vacancy deregulation by which previously regulated apartments become subject to market rates.



Let's make sure Albany STRENGTHENS the rent laws when they expire in June 2015!

Join the Real Rent Reform Campaign and the Alliance for Tenant Power at the MARCH TO #SAVENYC!

Rally to Save One Million Homes! - May 14 at 5 PM


Save the Date: Rally to Save One Million Homes on May 14 (new date!)  : The Real Rent Reform Campaign and the Alliance for Tenant Power are hosting a rally on May 14th at 5PM to fight for renewing and strengthening New York’s rent regulation laws.  Location to be determined.  For more information contact Darren at 212-608-4320 or

Joint R3 and Alliance for Tenant Power meeting - April 13


Monday, April 13, 2015 -- 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm -- at the 1199 SEIU MLK Labor Center auditorium, 310 W. 43rd St. between 8th and 9th Avenues. 
Joint Meeting of the Alliance for Tenant Power (ATP) and the Real Rent Reform (R3) Campaign
Many of you were a part of the campaign in 2011 when we got some minimal improvements to the rent laws - and you will also remember the massive amount of mobilization it took to get those strengthening amendments. 
This year we need to band together more than ever, as it is frighteningly clear that if we don't close some of the gaping loopholes in the rent laws in June, we will continue to bleed so much rent regulated housing that we may have nothing left to fight for before very long.
The Alliance for Tenant Power (ATP) along with Real Rent Reform campaign (R3) is calling a field meeting for your organizations and ALL organizations affiliated with housing and tenant issues, tenant associations and faith leaders to come together and talk about how best to ex…

Has your Assembly Member co-sponsored the bill to repeal vacancy deregulation & re-regulate many apartments?


Assembly bill1865-A (Linda Rosenthal, et al.) repeals Vacancy Deregulation and re-regulates 98 percent of the apartments that have been deregulated through Vacancy Deregulation in the last two decades.
To see which Assembly members have put their names on this bill as co-prime sponsors or multi-sponsors, go to and type in A1865-A.
Since the amended bill was introduced March 12, four additional Assembly members have added their names to the bill as co-prime sponsors (this means that their names show up on the Assembly web site, but not on the print of the bill, as they became sponsors after A1865-A was printed):
Shelley Mayer                        90 AD, Yonkers Tom Abinanti             92 AD, Tarrytown Jo Anne Simon                      52 AD, Brooklyn Latoya Joyner                        77 AD, Bronx
Please do what you can to recruit additional sponsors. See the list below, broken down by county/borough.