City & State join forces to investigate & prosecute landlord harassment of tenants


The Mayor, NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, NYS Homes & Community Renewal Commissioner (includes DHCR) Darryl Towns, and NYC  HPD Commissioner Vicki Bean announced the creation of a Tenant Harassment Prevention Task Force, to go after landlords who use illegal means to displace tenants.   Their press release and press conference say:

City and State agencies will work together to
  • look for patterns, 
  • pro-actively go after "recidivist" landlords,
  • respond to 311 calls with all relevant agencies doing joint inspections and sharing information,
  • investigate for criminal charges (not just housing court penalties)
  • impose steeper penalties. 
The goal:  Quicker, steeper penalties that will exceed the current "cost of doing business" - and thus discourage unscrupulous landlords from their nefarious deeds.