R3 meeting July 28 - Tenant actions NOW, and preparing for 2015


What: Real Rent Reform Meeting
When: Monday, July 28, 7-9pm
Where: Goddard Riverside Community Center, 593 Columbus Ave (at 88th Street) in Manhattan

For more information, contact Joseph Loonam atjoseph@metcouncilonhousing.org.

For many of us, last month's Rent Guidelines Board final vote was hard to watch. The increase was the lowest in history - but still an increase instead of a rent freeze: 1% increase for one year renewals and 2.75% increase for two year renewals passed.  

It does show the Tenant Movement is alive and well. There's a tough fight ahead - in June of 2015, the rent laws will expire and the tenant movement has a great chance to repeal vacancy deregulation.  

Let's transform the energy directed at this year's RGB fight and direct it towards saving the rent laws!