Roll Back the Rents!


On Thursday, April 24th, Mayor Bill De Blasio named Rachel Godsil as the new chair of the NYC Rent Guidelines Board. This happened just in time to have a full board meeting on Monday.

Mayor de Blasio called for a rent freeze on the campaign trail last year. But we know that 2.5 million tenants have been hit with increase after increase while landlords made money hand over fist, and many New Yorkers can't afford rent right now.

That’s why we’re calling for a RENT ROLLBACK on May 5 when the Rent Guidelines Board has its preliminary vote on rent adjustments for the approximately one million rent stabilized apartments in NYC.

We need heavy turnout if we're going to make an impact on the board. The landlords are expected to be there in force. 
Help us fill the auditorium and join us for a victory rally after the vote. 

What: RGB Preliminary Vote
When: Monday, May 5, 5pm
Where: US Customs House 1 Bowling Green, Manhattan

Getting there: Click here for map and directions