Read Tim Collins' testimony and come to an RGB hearing!


Tim Collins, former Executive Director of the Rent Guidelines Board, testified that we need a rent rollback.*

You should testify too!  Click here for how, when and where. 

*From Met Council on Housing's Kenny Schaeffer: 

2008 was after 15 years of compounded disproportionate increases under Giuliani and Bloomberg boards, including the impact of 1997 and 2003 weakening of rent laws, and that was on top of 20 years of previous excessive increases as documented by Suzanne Mattei in the Public Advocate's Office in 1997 based on distorted cost assumptions, available on RGB website under Other Housing Research:  Rent Destabilization Study II: An Analysis of the Fairness to Landlords of Rent Increases Granted by the Rent Guidelines Board for Stabilized Apartments, by Mark Green, Public Advocate for the City of New York, (May 1997) (PDF)