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Citywide Housing Meeting Wednesday


CITYWIDE HOUSING MEETING WEDNESDAY Everybody knows how bad the Bloomberg years were for our communities. Despite building "affordable housing," our former mayor plunged us into the city’s worst housing crisis with a record number of people sleeping in shelters and paying unsustainable rent burdens. What we do in the near future will determine whether you have to be a millionaire to live in New York City.
Mayor deBlasio has promised a departure from Bloomberg's failed housing policies, but you can be sure that real estate moguls and landlords will do their best to stop him. Let's capitalize on the progressive moment and rebuild the tenant movement to preserve affordable housing, responsibly build new affordable housing, and house the homeless.
Organizations are invited to a meeting hosted by Community Voices Heard, Make the Road NY, Met Council on Housing, NY Communities for Change, and VOCAL-NY.

WHAT: Citywide Housing Meeting
WHEN:Wednesday, January 29, 11am-1pm
WHERE: 25 W …

Arguments Against Rent Regulation Are Vacant of Facts


Read City Limits' article, "Arguments Against Rent Regulation Are Vacant of Facts."

Some say New York could relieve high rents by removing rent regulations. And other people say the world is flat.
By Peter Moskos | Friday, Jan 24, 2014  Interesting excerpt:   "According to 2011 data, 93 percent of rent-stabilized buildings (and 94.5 percent of all residential buildings) turn a profit. The average rent-stabilized building generates a monthlyprofitof $400 per apartment. On top of this most buildings appreciate over time. Nobody is forced to own a rent-stabilized residential building, yet investors continue to buy these buildings. Why? Because rent-stabilized buildings make money. Large residential buildings are often owned by investor groups who care only about profit. If these groups could make more money elsewhere, they would. But it just so happens that New York's large rental buildings—even rent-stabilized—are a fabulous low-risk investment. Of course if rent r…



7-9 PM at Goddard-Riverside, 593 Columbus Ave., Manhattan
Special Guests: Harvey Epstein & Adriene Holder

Tell Gov. Cuomo: Use Foreclosure $ to Keep People in their Homes


Tell NY Gov. Cuomo: Don’t steal the Chase settlement money from struggling New York families and give it back to Wall Street criminals. 

1. Sign the petition.
2. Join the Tele-Town Hall Conference call.  4 PM on Sat., Jan. 19, 2014 For more info:
3. Support an Albany press conference.   Sign a petition and get on the bus. Contact

State Housing Agency issues new and better regulations for Rent Stabilization


The NYS Housing Agency dealing with rent regulation - the Division of Housing & Community Renewal (DHCR) - has issued new and improved regulations governing rent stabilization. Good work tenants and the Tenant Protection Unit of DHCR!

More affordable units lost than gained


Because of vacancy destabilization and gentrification, more affordable apartments have been lost than gained in the past 12 years.
Read the Community Service Society report, "What New Yorkers Want From the New Mayor: An Affordable Place to Live"  by Tom Waters and Victor Bach.  
If the State Legislature won't repeal vacancy destabilization, we need home rule so politicians accountable to renters can do it.

And for the New Year . . .


Let's make the New Year resound with 100,000 tenant voices, demanding what we all need: