The following is from the press release by Red Horse Strategies. Special thanks to VOCAL-NY, UHAB, and WSNA/HCC! View pictures by Joan Roth HERE.

The Real Rent Reform Campaign this morning joined tenants, community activists, and civic leaders—including Council Member to-be Helen Rosenthal—to serve REBNY members with a “People’s Subpoena,” demanding answers from the group for its shady and unprecedented $7 million interference during the 2013 elections. The subpoena demanded REBNY members to testify at a Moreland Commission investigation into public corruption during the 2013 elections, including glaring legal oversights like the 421(a) tax break for luxury developers and the LLC loophole that allows real estate executives to skirt campaign finance laws and exert disproportionate influence on local elections.

“From the beginning, this was about simple fairness for New Yorkers,” said Jaron Benjamin, spokesman for the Real Rent Reform Campaign. “Real estate developers need to play by the same rules as everyone else, and ensure the principle of one-person one-vote remains true in our city. That’s why REBNY needs to show up, account for its sins in front of the Moreland Commission, and help fix the breaks they’ve created in our campaign finance system.”

“For too long, REBNY has bought luxury real estate developers unconscionable tax breaks by lining the war chests of candidates and lawmakers across our state," said Helen Rosenthal, Democratic nominee for City Council District 6. "That's wrong--and we're here today to send a message that it needs to end. Instead of giving away tax breaks to the uber-wealthy, our city and state should be using public funds to improve our schools, revamp our transportation system, and create more affordable housing. That's why REBNY needs to answer for its role in these elections, and help sketch out a path forward for all New Yorkers.”