Moreland Commission has too many asterisks


NY Times
Governor's Crusade Against Corruption Comes With Too Many Asterisks
By Michael Powell,  October 14, 2013

   Three months later, here come the asterisks.

   The commission will never back down.* (*Except when the governor’s aides suggest that subpoenaing the Real Estate Board of New York, which helped lobby for multimillion-dollar special tax abatements, was a rude step too far.)

   The commission will examine political party housekeeping accounts, those catchall bins into which corporations and the wealthy toss hundreds of thousands of more or less unaccountable dollars.* (*This investigation will scrutinize accounts belonging to the Senate Republican campaign committee and Independence Party. It will avert its eyes from the state Democratic Party committee, which represents the politicians who control two and a half of the three wings of New York government.)

   The commission will walk fearlessly.* (*Except it might overlook the governor’s Committee to Save New York, the fund-raising vehicle by which the state’s larger corporate, real estate and gambling barons raised $17 million to express their adoration and support for Mr. Cuomo’s efforts to cut taxes and promote casino gambling. Purely by chance, this committee shut down its operations less than two months ago, which means there is no longer an organization to subpoena. “We felt our mission was accomplished,” the committee’s director said.)