Fight to renew the Rent Laws in 2015 - Press Conf 10/28 at 4 pm before Moreland Comm'n Hearing


There is a direct link between our broken campaign system and the dismantling of the rent regulation system. Read Jaron Benjamin's opinion piece in the NY Daily News here:

This is why we must fight for real campaign finance reform, including public financing and the closure of loopholes that allow the real estate industry to outspend everyone else.

What: Press Conference Moreland Commission Hearing
When: Monday, October 28th, ***4pm***
Where: Jacob Javits Center Entrance, Near 11th Ave and 35th St

The Moreland Commission has changed dates, locations, and times for the last public NYC hearing to investigate corruption, as recently as after close of business on Friday. What does the Moreland Commission have to do with tenants and rents?

Before the hearing, tenants will host a press conference to talk about what the Moreland Commission needs to do - we have a large stake in how the Moreland Commission acts. It would be a huge blow to the landlords if the LLC loophole gets closed, hampering their ability to drown out our voice in Albany.


Remember - this fight is tied to the renewal of the Rent Laws in 2015; if real estate can continue to give unlimited amounts of money to campaigns, strengthening and expanding the rent laws will be nearly impossible.

The Moreland Commission hearing, at the Javits Convention Center (1E Hall Rooms 12-13), begins at 5 PM, Doors open at 4 PM.  Webcast here. .

Call or email Jaron at 718-864-3932 or for more information.