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Steven Wishnia: Abolishing Rent Regulation Would Be Stupid.


The following article was published by Gothamist on July 31, 2013.Why The Push To Abolish Rent Regulation Is Stupid And Irresponsible

by Steven Wishnia

Why What would happen if New York State repealed its rent-regulation laws? New York Times Magazine economics columnist and NPR Planet Money co-founder Adam Davidson thinks it might be a good idea. In his article in this week's magazine, "The Illusion of Control: How Rent Regulations Preserve the City We Know at the Expense of a More Affordable One," Davidson contends that rent control and rent stabilization should be ended because they create a bifurcated market in which longtime tenants hardly ever move, and people seeking apartments compete to pay high unregulated rents. Most people who live in rent-stabilized apartments are above the poverty level, he says, and the poor could be protected more efficiently by giving them housing subsidies. These arguments, which are common among critics of rent controls, are utterly clue…

NYC Alliance for Public Housing has a plan for 2014


Some members of the NYC Alliance for Public Housing are also members of R3.
The NYC Alliance for Public Housing members proposes:  NYCHA Must Retain All Its Operating RevenuesHalt the Current NYCHA Infill Land-Lease PlanMoving-to-Work (MTW): Binding Agreement NeededSection 8 Housing Choice Voucher CutsKeep NYCHA Centers Open; Retain NYCHA JobsWhere is the NYCHA Disaster Preparation Plan?Is a One-Evening, Three-Hour Public Hearing Enough?
Participants and Support
The position paper below  on the NYCHA Draft FY2014 Annual Plan has the support of the following organizations and concerned elected officials (list in formation):
Advocacy Organizations

Citizens Committee for Children of New York City Employees Union Local 237, International Brotherhood of Teamsters Community Service Society (CSS) Community Voices Heard (CVH) Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE) Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES) Legal Aid Society New York Environmental Law …

Rent Regulation is the SOLUTION, not the problem


While the NY Times and the NY Post assert that rent regulation is the problem, tenants are letting them know that rent regulation is the solution.  Without vacancy deregulation to drain the City's stock of affordable housing, rent regulation would keep more apartments affordable. And by ensuring lease renewals, regulation gives tenants more bargaining power with landlords. 
Tell the Times and the Post what you think!

R3 sets NY Post straight


NY Post: In NYC’s tough market, are rent laws enough?Last Updated: 10:43 PM, July 14, 2013Posted: 10:12 PM, July 14, 2013The Issue: Whether rent regulations truly help the middle class and poor find affordable places to live. *** “The Apartment Complex” got it exactly wrong (Editorial, July 10). Rent regulation is the result of a housing shortage, not the cause.

July 24 Rally: Support NYCHA Residents Against "Infill"-tration


RALLY to Support NYCHA residents
Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 4:30pm 
Pace University, Schimmel Center 
Enter at 3 Spruce Street, 
One block east of City Hall Park, Manhattan 

Click here for a flyer.
Click here for the position paper of the NYC Alliance to Preserve Public Housing.