Bus to Albany June 18 for Fair Elections




New York’s campaign finance system is broken. A loophole that allows landlords to give almost unlimited amounts of cash must be closed if Tenants are going to win reform in Albany-the wealthy developers, landlords and realtors drown out the voices of everyday New Yorkers. It’s time to change the way politics works in Albany.  
Governor Cuomo has proposed a bill that would close the loophole - but the bill won't pass unless the Governor and the "Independent Democratic Caucus" get it through the legislature.   

Get on the bus! on June 18th. Call 347-409-4650 for more information.

The Fair Elections for New York campaign is calling on state legislators to support meaningful campaign finance reform, which will put the process back in the hands of voters and is proven to increase small donor participation in campaigns. We have an historic opportunity to get the campaign finance system we deserve.