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Great Campaign Finance Meeting on Feb. 25


About 70 people participated in R3's Campaign Finance Reform meeting on February 25, 2013 with Mike Kink and Jesse Laymon.  Tenants want to stem the flood of landlord money to Albany.

Campaign Finance Reform - Monday, Feb. 25 at 6:30 pm


Click here for a flyer
Tenants & Campaign Finance Reform

NY Times: Quinn offers REBNY's plan


Notable quotes (and a major excerpt of the article is below) 

“Whenever the real estate industry is framing the debate around affordable housing, tenants are going to lose,” said Jaron Benjamin, executive director of the Metropolitan Council on Housing, a tenants’ rights group.

NY Times: Affordable Units Too Costly


Some ‘Affordable’ Units Too Costly, Report Says
Published: February 13, 201
In a city that measures wealth in square feet, even apartments marketed as “affordable housing” can still be too expensive for many New Yorkers.

State of the City speech proposals on affordable housing


The excerpt below only includes proposals from the State of the City address on affordable housing.  

CASA-New Settlement Victory for Tenants in Bronx


New York Times:
Tenants and Community Group Save Dilapidated Bronx Complex
Published: February 10, 2013
Minarda Pimentel had to keep her clothes in sealed plastic bags because rats gnawed on everything in her closet.

NYCHA Property Going to Luxury Developers


NY Daily News

The housing authority is planning its very own Tale of Two Cities.

To raise much-needed cash, the agency plans to lease out land to private developers who will then build some 3 million square feet of luxury apartments smack in the middle of Manhattan housing projects.