State Sen. Liz Krueger: What we need


From State Senator Liz Krueger's January 2013 community bulletin:
Sen. Liz Krueger, standing up
 for tenants

"In November, New Yorkers elected a Democratic majority with 58 percent of the vote. New Yorkers therefore have a right to expect the 'Independent Democrats' to secure floor votes this session for the progressive agenda they’ve claimed to support, including stronger gun laws, a minimum wage increase, real public campaign finance reform, the Reproductive Health Act, the New York State DREAM Act, stop-and-frisk reform, real rent reform, full funding of education aid to live up to our obligations to New York’s children, and mandate relief for struggling local governments.
Sen. Klein, leader of breakaway group
that gives more power to the GOP

Meanwhile, the "Independent Democratic Conference," led by State Senator Jeff Klein, has not indicated its support of real rent reform or other parts of that progressive agenda.