No Landlord Tax Breaks without Tenant Protections


Urge Your Assembly Member to tell Speaker Silver

NYS Assembly Members have more rent regulated tenants in their districts than co-op or condo residents - or landlords.

So why are so many Assembly Members co-sponsoring the bad Vito Lopez bill that combines co-op & condo breaks with a bill to renew billionaire J-51 and other tax breaks for landlords and developers? It has no protections for tenants.

Urge your Assembly Member (especially if you're outside Manhattan!) to 

WRITE TO SILVER:  No tenant protections? No tax breaks for landlords!

A. 10798 merges the J-51 tax abatements (for landlords who make major repairs on their building) with a bill that many Assembly Members favor (condo and co-op tax breaks).  Speaker Silver should  separate the two bills and not pass the J-51 bill unless the legislature also passes the necessary tenant bills. 

Click on the legislators' names to see the great letters already sent by Assembly Members Daniel O'Donnell, Herman Farrell, Keith Wright, Guillermo LinaresNaomi Rivera, Deborah Glick and Jeffrey Dinowitz.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A SAMPLE LETTER for ASSEMBLY MEMBERS WHO ARE CO-SPONSORING A.10798, and one for those who did NOT sponsor A.10798, or see the samples below. 

Re: A.10798

Dear Speaker Silver:

I am writing to share my  concerns regarding bill A.10798, which is pending  in Albany, and of which I am co-sponsor.

I agreed to co-sponsor A.10798 in order to extend a long-standing tax abatement for condo and co-op owners throughout New York City.  Part of the deal was that tenants would get some protections too.  [For legislators who never sponsored the bill, skip to the alternative text at the bottom.]

When I agreed to sign on to A.10798, I was not aware that although the bill generously protects landlords and real estate developers with J-51 and other tax benefits, the bill neglected to include any additional protections for the many tenants in my district and New York City.  As you are aware, there are many more rent-regulated tenants in my district than there are condo and co-op owners or real estate developers. 

I must therefore conclude that unless you propose and support a companion bill  that includes tenant protections, I must withdraw my sponsorship of A.10798.  The tenant protections needed include reforming the Rent Guidelines Board to make this body more accountable to tenants,  putting rent controlled tenants under the Rent Guidelines Board for lease renewal increases, protecting tenants with “preferential rents” from large rent increases, and significantly readjusting how Major Capital Improvement Increases are dealt with, as has been proposed by  our colleague, Daniel O’Donnell.

I look forward to continue working with you protecting New York’s tenants and our community. 

Very truly yours,



Alternative text for legislators who never sponsored the bill:

I am writing to share my concerns about A.10798, now pending in Albany.  The bill would extend tax benefits to condo and co-op owners and give unique breaks to a few billionaire developers - without any benefits for the tenants who make up the bulk of my constituency.

I would consider co-sponsoring the bill if you proposed and supported a companion bill making the Rent Guidelines Board more accountable to tenants;  including rent controlled tenants under the RGB; limiting Major Capital Improvement increases; and protecting preferential-rent tenants from huge increases. 

I look forward to continue working with you protecting New York's tenants and our community.  

Very truly yours,