DHCR seeking comments on rent regulations


New York State's housing agency, (D)HCR,  is seeking comments on more rent regulations between now and October 26, 2012. 

Woody Pascal, Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Rent Administration is writing to tenant and owner groups that DHCR is considering new amendments to the

  • Rent Stabilization Code
  • Tenant Protection Regulations, and
  • Rent Control Regulations.
The building owners want 

  • quicker de-regulation of apartments whose rents reach $2500 and whose inhabitants' income is over $200,000 for 2 consecutive years
  • "clarification" of how to oust a tenant by proving the apartment is not the tenant's prime residence
  • more efficient rent increases through Major Capital Improvements and Maximum Base Rent (for rent controlled tenants);
  • easier standards for improving their property.

Tenants want 
  • an end to Major Capital Improvement increases once the improvements have been paid for
  • quicker responses to complaints about reduced services
  • stronger standards to protect tenants with preferential rents
  • easier and clearer procedures for establishing and calculating overcharges;
  • easier succession (which resident takes over the apartment if the tenant named on the lease leaves)
  • stricter standards where the landlord plans demolitiion (often as a way of getting out of rent regulation)
  • stricter standards and time limits for Individual Apartment Improvement rent increases
  • stronger anti-harassment enforcement
  • more help for the elderly and the disabled. 

Send your comments to the Regulation Comments, Office of Rent Administration, 92-31 Union Hall Street, Jamaica, NY 11433; or may be emailed to RentRegulationComments@nyshcr.org