Tenant Protections NOW - not next year!


NYS Assembly Members have more rent regulated tenants in their districts than co-op or condo residents - or landlords.  
So why are so many A.M.s co-sponsoring Speaker Silver's bill to renew tax breaks for co-op and condos and landlords with no protections for tenants? 
Ask Your Assembly Member to Send a Letter to Speaker Sheldon Silver, as Daniel O'Donnell, Herman Farrell and Guillermo Linares have. 

A.M. Farrell
A.M. O'Donnell
Click on the Assembly Member's name to see the letter he wrote to Sheldeon Silver urging tenant protections be included in the J-51 renewal bill. Assembly Member (A.M.) Daniel O'Donnell, A.M.  Herman ("Denny") Farrell  and A.M. Guillermo Linares and A.M. Jeffrey Dinowitz 

A.M. Linares
A.M. Dinowitz
Please thank them for their support. 

    For A.M. Farrell:  charnigas@assembly.state.ny.us   
  For A.M. O'Donnell:  odonned@assembly.state.ny.us
  For A.M. Linares: garciaa@assembly.state.ny.us
  For A.M. Dinowitz, 

A.M. Gottfried
A.M. Rosenthal

Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal and A.M. Dick Gottfried stood up to Speaker Silver and never signed onto A10798. It would be great if they too could send letters promoting what tenants need THIS SESSION:

  • Capping MCIs (Major Capital Improvements):  A2459-A (Cal 445) O’Donnell / S523a Krueger, L.   At the least, any MCI increases for tenants should be set off 100% (instead of the current 50%) by J-51 tax breaks for landlords.
  • Protecting preferential rent tenants from huge increases:   A1364-A (Cal 442) Jeffries
  • Putting rent controlled tenants under the Rent Guidelines Board,  A1892-A (Cal 444) Rosenthal, L./S5699a Espaillat
  • Reforming the Rent Guidelines Board:  A7234a (RR 93) Rosenthal / S5603a Espaillat .