Summertime, and the livin' is not as affordable as it should be


After you've built your castle in the sand this summer, take a few minutes to ask your state legislator how he or she plans to keep our real homes affordable. 

Urge your Assemblymember and State Senator to pass nothing for the landlords (like renewing J-51 tax breaks) until tenant protections are included:

  •   Major Capital Improvements:    
    • Limit MCI rent increases so they stop once the building improvement is paid for. Right now these increases are permanent.    
    • If the landlord gets any grants, loans or tax breaks for work done on the building, tenants shouldn't have to pay for the same work.  Deduct that landlord income or tax break from the amount tenants would have to pay. 

  • Reform the Rent Guidelines Board so the City Council has to approve the mayor's RGB appointments. Make the RGB more accountable.  

  • Put increases for rent controlled apartments (built before 1947)under the Rent Guidelines Boards so tenants' rents don't increase 7.5% every year.   

  • Protect tenants with "preferential rents" (rent under the legal registered rent) from huge rent increases.
and more!