Tenant Protections Still Pending in Albany


Albany's legislative business is still not completed - and tenant protections hang in the balance.  

Please tip the balance in our favor.  

Find who represents you  and 


Tell them that 
J-51 should not be renewed or extended without these tenant protections:
  • Capping MCIs (Major Capital Improvements):  A2459-A (Cal 445) O’Donnell / S523a Krueger, L. 
  • Protecting preferential rent tenants from huge increases:   A1364-A (Cal 442) Jeffries
  • Putting rent controlled tenants under the Rent Guidelines Boar:,  A1892-A (Cal 444) Rosenthal, L./S5699a Espaillat
  • Reforming the Rent Guidelines Board:  A7234a (RR 93) Rosenthal / S5603a Espaillat 
Finally, ask them NOT to approve A10798 (Lopez et al.) about tax breaks for landlords.

From the NY Daily News, June 21, 2012: 
"At least one advocacy group -- The Real Rent Reform Campaign -- had its eye on J-51 developments this afternoon.
"Once again, we have a secret deal where real estate and coop and condo owners get further subsidized while tenants get nothing. Simply restoring the J-51 abatement/exemption costs taxpayers more than $250 million per year. This is a real kick in the teeth to the millions of regulated renters in New York City and the suburban counties. This is even more appalling because the Governor abandoned promises made to tenants last year; we still don’t have rules and regulations regarding the enforcement"