Tell Sheldon Silver: No J-51 renewal without tenant protection


Call Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today: 
Don't renew J-51 without tenant protections! 
Tell his aide that you're part of the Real Rent Reform Campaign - or one of its member organizations. 

518-455-3791 or 212-312-1420

Landlords desperately want renewal of J-51, a tax break they get for making major building repairs.  But they want it renewed without tenant protections - and tenants need more protection, not less.

So call!   You can download the "Click and Save" in English or in Spanish.   

Click on "read more" below for the Gotham Gazette excerpt. 

Rent Issues

Tenant advocates had hoped that the expiration of the J-51 tax abatement would set up a scenario where Senate Republicans and real estate interests would be willing to negotiate concessions on pro tenant legislation with the Assembly Democrats in exchange for a renewal of the program. So far a deal seems unlikely.

The Senate passed a straight extender of the J-51 program on the 14th with only one opposing Democratic vote [in the Committee, although without any discussion of the bill several other Democrats opposed the vote on the floor of the Senate]. Tenants groups had advised housing-minded Democrats to vote against the bill. Meanwhile, the administration of Mayor Michael Bloomberg introducedlegislation on the 11th that would extend J-51 but with a few tweaks.

recent report showed that the program has been applied to condominiums and cooperatives; the administration’s bill would limit that and would be retroactive to the program’s expiration at the end of last year. However, the bill is still sitting in the rules committee.

Tenants advocates also want this bill to be voted down because they feel the program was not tweaked enough to focus on its original purpose, which was to fix up low income housing stock. The Assembly introduced its own J-51 legislation over the weekend that would drastically refine the program.