Report on Tenants PAC 's April 27 fundraiser



At last evening's Tenants PAC's gathering,  a host of friends (including some folks who became friends at the event) greeted Assembly Member George Latimer - now running for State Senate in a hard Westchester district against a GOP NYC landlord.

The food was plentiful,  the music great, and the politicians progressive.  And that's the most important point that
Anderson Fils-Aime of Tenants PAC, and Senators Gustavo Rivera and Liz Krueger and candidate Latimer made:  New York City represents about 40% of the state legislators. The other 60% (including Latimer) make the difference for passing pro-tenant legislation.

We need solidly progressive candidates - unlike Pedro Espada (replaced by Gustavo Rivera) and a few others - to constitute the Democratic majority in the State Senate.  Without them, it's hard to pass good legislation.  

So even if you missed the party, please contribute to support the candidacy of George Latimer and other pro-tenant electeds:

(1) Send a check to
Tenants PAC
277 Broadway, Suite 608
New York NY 10007.


(2) contribute on line (one time or with a recurring contribution) at Donations are not tax deductible.

Really.   And then
come to the May 1st Tenants General Assembly at 5 PM with Occupy Wall Street, in front of Cooper Union's Great Hall where the Rent Guidelines Board will be holding its preliminary vote.