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Daily News Sides with Landlord Against Rent Regulation


Landlord James Harmon wants the Supreme Court to take his appeal and overturn rent regulation in New York.  Having inherited half of an apartment building from his parents, he bought out his brother's share so he could be the sole landlord. Now he's objecting to the rent regulated tenants who occupy a few of the units in his building.   Those tenants are entitled to lease renewals (as long as they meet their obligations as tenants), Family members who live with them for at least 2 years before the original tenants vacate are entitled to get the apartment in their own name, and Because regulated tenants are entitled to renewal leases at a rate fixed by the Rent Guidelines Board, they also have the right to complain without fear of being evicted.But Harmon complains that he is not getting market rent and that New York has no business regulating rents - presumably unlike restaurants and supermarkets, insurance, clean water, utilities, and other essential services.

With  a declare…

Gov. Cuomo Succombs on Redistricting


The Opinion PagesEditorial   ( Excerpted)Gov. Cuomo SuccumbsPublished: March 16, 2012 By agreeing to a deeply flawed deal with state lawmakers, Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave in to Albany’s secretive and undemocratic ways of doing business.
Despite repeated promises that he would veto gerrymandered districts drawn by legislators, the governor broke that vow and quietly signed the law that will allow unfair legislative elections in New York for the next 10 years. By approving the Legislature’s districts, he has now made it far more difficult for the courts to revise these defective maps. 
Mr. Cuomo and his supporters argue that a veto of the distorted maps would have stalled his legislative priorities. But he could have used his popular support among voters and his political muscle to stop this outrageously antidemocratic redistricting process, which rewards the worst elements of Albany’s political culture. He says his decision is a reasonable compromise, but it’s hard to …

Redistricting Affects Our Laws


From the Albany Times Union

NOTE: As usual, Jimmy Vielkind does a great job explaining Albany politics
Redistricting’s denouement: Senate Democrats walk outPosted on March 15, 2012 at 1:58 ambyJimmy Vielkind, Capitol bureau

ALBANY, 1:55 AM — It’s after midnight here at the Capitol, but lawmakers are still pushing forward with a

Harmon Case Obscures Facts About Rent Regulation


NY Times BIG CITYWars Over Regulation of Rent Are Only a SideshowEgregious abuses of rent regulation and rent stabilization tend to obscure the fact that the system does not disproportionately benefit the affluent.

By Published: March 10, 2012
With a certain regularity, New Yorkers are given the opportunity to engage in a satisfyingly maddening if futile pastime: decrying the obscenities of rent regulation. TEST CASE The landlords want help from the Supreme Court. Readers’ Comments Share your thoughts.Post a Comment »Read All Comments (4) » The narratives present themselves readily: Last year we learned that for nearly two decades,

Support A.6275


VOCAL, an active member of R3, encourages organizations to support A. 6275, a bill that would cap the rent of New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS at 30% of income.  This bill is part of R3's legislative program for 2012. 
Send a letter of support on your group's letterhead to members of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's staff: Simonia Brown at, with a copy to Jim Yates at 

City Council Testimony on Renewing HousingEmergency Declaration


Sam Stein testified on behalf of R3 before the NY City Council on March 2, 2012 on the importance of renewing the emergency declaration that keeps apartments in pre-1974 buildings rent regulated.  Read Sam's testimony.

Myths vs. Facts about Rent Regulation