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Against J-51 Renewal; For Tenant Protections


Twenty-eight NYS Legislators have opposed the extension of J-51, a program that gives $257 million in tax breaks to landlords for making major buildings improvements that could better be spent for other affordable housing needs.



LEGISLATIVE PROGRAM for 2012(Lée el programa en español abajo.) (Click here for a copy you can download,in English Descargar aquí laversión en español.)
The New York State Legislature must enact a number of reforms to undo years of giveaways to the New York City real estate lobby that have exacerbated the housing crisis in the city and suburban counties. The June 2011 law that extended the rent and eviction and coop/condo conversion laws to June 2015 made minor improvements to the rent laws that are far from sufficient to stop the eviction of tenants and the accelerating loss of affordable rental housing in the downstate region.  Click on "read more" for the list and explanations.

Occupy REBNY Jan. 19, 2012