Will Albany Allow the Rent Laws to Expire? Does it Matter?


by David King
Jun 14, 2011

Tenants rallied for stricter rent laws last month.
On Monday Sen. Bill Perkins and Assemblymember Jose Rivera were arrested with about a dozen fellow protestors as they marched on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office.
"Stronger rent laws now, renewal's not enough," chanted a group of around 200 who were in Albany to press lawmakers to pass stronger rent laws.
On June 15 the laws that keep apartments affordable for millions of New Yorkers will expire. With Democrats pushing for stronger regulations and Republicans supporting a simple extension of the existing law, things seem to have come to a standstill. To further complicate matters, the issue has been tied to the passage of a cap on property taxes in most of the rest of the state.
With their affordable housing in jeopardy, tenants are hearing mixed messages from legislators and advocates.
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