Real Rent Reform 6/16/2011 statement on the rent laws



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From the Real Rent Reform Campaign's Mary Tek:

"It remains the position of the tenants that state rent laws must be strengthened and not simply extended. The laws that expired last night were weak, and were contributing to the erosion of affordable housing. Yesterday, a temporary extender law failed to pass the Senate. For the Senate Democrats who voted against this extender because extension is not enough, we thank them and we stand with them in this position.

"For the Republican Senators who continue to oppose stronger rent laws, especially Senators Marty Golden and Andrew Lanza, who represent thousands of tenants, know this: a straight extension is not enough. The public supports stronger rent laws, to protect tenants and preserve affordable housing. Your games of brinkmanship and blame will not work. The senate majority has taken millions from New York City landlords, and is now doing their bidding - and they are putting the homes of 2.5 million New Yorkers at stake. The people of New York see through your charade and they will not stand for it.

"It is up to all state senators to support stronger rent laws. And it is up to Governor Cuomo to use his leadership to make this happen. The Governor has said he plans to call the Senate into extraordinary session until they pass stronger rent laws. The tenants support that effort. We need stronger rent laws now. The future of affordable housing in New York City and suburban counties rides in the balance."