New Yorkers Want Stronger Rent Laws



Support For Rent Laws Strongest Within NYC, and Among African Americans and Latinos
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The push to renew and strengthen rent laws got a major public boost today with the release of a Siena Research Institute poll showing New York’s residents overwhelmingly supporting renewal of state rent protections. In all, 62% of registered voters support renewing state laws that stabilize rent for 1 million apartments and almost 2.5 million tenants in New York City and the surrounding suburbs. Of those that support extending the laws, more than 2 to 1 believe these laws need to be strengthened. 

“The people of New York – homeowners and renters alike – clearly want stronger rent laws to protect tenants,” said Mary Tek, campaign manager for the Real Rent Reform (R3) Campaign. “This survey confirms what we hear every day from families across New York City and the surrounding suburbs who are struggling to stay in their homes and fear the expiration of these laws. The Governor needs to keep his promise to renting families, by extending and expanding state rent protections.” 

New York’s rent laws not only protect renters from rent gouging by landlords in a low-vacancy market, they also stop landlords from unfair evictions or refusing to extend leases; provide families who rent with protections if services are cut by their landlord; and include critical protections for seniors and people with disabilities.
The poll shows that across every region and within each demographic, New Yorkers support strong rent laws. However, support is even strongest in the places where the vast majority of stabilized tenants live. Within New York City, support for rent stabilization renewal is 71% -- with 65% of supporters wanting the laws strengthened.

The poll also showed that within the African American and Latino communities, the support for stronger rent laws is overwhelming. In all, 72% of African Americans respondents and 78% of Latino respondents support extending renter protections. Within the African American Community, the support for strengthening renter protections reaches 80%.

“There is no reason to wait any longer,” said Mary Tek. “The people of New York want rent laws renewed and strengthened. It’s time for the Governor to make it happen.”

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